Some comedy videos I've written. (Full reel here.)

Exit Interview

Simple Bear Safety Tips

Jennifer Lawrence: Promising Hip Actor Disease

Surveillance Sandwich

Hot Sauna

LEAKED: Olympic Village Orientation

Cleaning Guy With No Perspective 

Bathroom Security 

Overly Ambitious Ensemble Drama

Pink Cigarettes

The Vase (Note: there was an intentional prop mishap during the setup to this sketch.)

Desperate Domino's Pizza Ad 

Flag on the Play (web series)episode "Grammar"

Sports with Jed (web series): episode "Lucky Pen"

"Good Dads" (2013 NYTVF sitcom pilot trailer)

The New York City That Exists in My Mom's Mind

Joe Flacco Book Reading

The Inception of Attack Ads

Emotional Extra

Honest Party

First Base (web series): episode "Hard to Get"

Kings of Pataskala County Comedy Tour