I'm writing a comedy series for Audible

Exciting this is public now: I’m writing and show-running a comedy series for Audible, with Bryan Tucker (SNL) and Broadway Video.

It’s called “64th Man” and will star John Cena as a football player who’s barely not good enough for the NFL. Like an actor searching for his “big break”, he’ll take any gig, no matter how sketchy, in hopes of getting the right exposure.

10 episodes, audio-only. Should be fun!

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New season of Draftsville

I co-wrote the new season of the web series Draftsville for NBC Sports and The Kicker. It's a Friday Night Lights parody about fantasy football.

The new season includes Darrell Hammond, Chris Redd and Zach Gilford ("Matt Saracen" on Friday Night Lights). It was a fun one.


Here are the season 2 episodes:

Episode 1, feat. Darrell Hammond

Episode 2, feat. Chris Redd

Episode 3, feat. Zach Gilford (Friday Night Light's "Matt Saracen")

Episode 4, season finale

Screenwriter Fellowship

I won a spot in the Screenwriter Colony's comedy fellowship. This is a really cool program, officially called the "Episodic Comedy Colony", in which four writers are selected to work in Nantucket for two weeks, developing their own pilot with guidance from showrunners and other mentors.

I will be working there on a forthcoming pilot "Parentheses."


new sketch show

Wrote a new sketch show with Kristy Lopez-Bernal, Lisa Kleinman and Langan Kingsley that debuts at the UCB Theatre this week, May 12. 

It's called "F*ck Nostalgia" and it's a weird, meta show about how our dumb culture over-glorifies nostalgia. Come check it out, it's a good time. 

UCB's "I'm Cool" Showcase

A sketch I wrote was accepted into UCB's "I'm Cool" showcase

The showcase, for UCB's best stuff in the last year, is Monday March 3 at 8pm at UCB Chelsea (307 W. 26th St.). I'm honored to have something in it.

My piece is a sketch from Maude Night called "Spanish Class Homework". (Here's an earlier performance of it.)  

New York Television Festival screening

"Good Dads" --the sitcom pilot I co-wrote, -produced and -starred in with Michael Kayne, Nathan Russell and Adam Sacks--screens this week at the New York Television Festival. 

The pilot is about three modern fathers who--contrary to the clueless, bumbling Dads typically seen on TV--are present, invested, and ready to kick parenthood's ass. Trailer here.   

We're thrilled to be a part of the festival. 

Screenings are:

Monday Oct. 21, 730pm at Tribeca Cinemas 1 (54 Varick St.). Tickets here

 Monday Oct. 24, 845pm at Tribeca Cinemas 2 (54 Varick St.). Tickets here

Good Dads.jpg

MovieCram at UCB

I'm one of the writers on the inaugural MovieCram at UCB this Saturday. A lot of really talented writers, directors and actors are working together to make a feature-length film in 24 hours. Insane idea from the SketchCram guys.

Should be a fascinating product, at the very least. Tickets here.