Some comedy videos I've written. (Playlist here.)
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Laurie (IFC web series)
episode: "The Fridge"
Who's Better: LeBron Or This Guy?
(feat. Bobby Moynihan)
Hardest Job (web series)
episode: "Jerry Jones Cameraman"
Red Autumn (IFC web series)
episode "Lincoln Center"
Waiting for Santa ( web series)
episode: "I Speak Spanish"
Exit Interview (short film)

The New York City In My Mom's Mind

Pink Cigarettes

The Inception of Attack Ads

LEAKED: Olympic Village Orientation

Emotional Extra

Cleaning Guy With No Perspective

First Base (web series)
episode: "Hard to Get"
Flag on the Play (web series)
episode: "Grammar"
Sports with Jed (web series)
episode: "Lucky Pen"
Bathroom Security

Big Thick Ideas (Above Average series)
episode: Esca-stopping
Big Thick Ideas (Above Average web series)
episode: "Depression"
This Man Has a Disease...
(written in a day for SketchCram)
Hardest Job (web series)
episode: "Cleveland Browns Cheerleader"
Simple Rules for Bear Encounters

Overly Ambitious Ensemble Drama

Spanish Class Homework

Snow (short film)

Remember When:
Michael Jordan's Hitler Mustache

The Tanking Anthem (music video)

Desperate Domino's Pizza Ad

Surveillance Sandwich

J-Law and Promising Hip Actor Disease

Joe Flacco Book Reading

The Vase (note: we "accidentally" broke
the vase before this sketch began
Hot Sauna