Sports comedy

Zack is the Ben Zobrist of sports comedy writing.
(A solid veteran who fits in anywhere, makes his teammates better and is getting old.)

This is Zack, not Zobrist.

+ head writer at The Kicker, Above Average's sports outlet, for two years

+ co-creator, with Bryan Tucker (SNL), and showrunner/writer of 64th Man -- a forthcoming, 10-episode comedy series for Audible, starring John Cena, Anna Chlumsky, Will Forte, Adam Pally and others

+ as Kicker head writer, created a dozen series and 150+ videos, dramatically increasing views on our Facebook and Youtube channels

+ wrote sports comedy videos for Tru TV's Late Night Snack, NBC Sports, Golf Digest and other corporate outlets

+ staff writer for The Onion’s sports show Get Out Of My Face

+ D-3 college baseball player

Here are just a few sports videos Zack wrote:

Who's Better: LeBron Or This Guy?
(feat. Bobby Moynihan)

Madden 18 Update: "Anthem Mode"

Hardest Job in Sports:
"Cleveland Browns Cheerleader"

Draftsville, Ep. 3
(Friday Night Lights Parody, for NBC Sports)

Super Bowl Party MVPs:
"The Female Fan That Men Talk Down To"

Remember When:
"The Time Michael Jordan Had A Hitler Mustache"

Hardest Jobs in Sports:
"The Jerry Jones Cameraman"

March Madness Office Bracket MVPs:
"Guy Who Doesn't Know Sh*t But Somehow Nails It"

Joe Flacco Book Reading
(live at UCB)